Ámbar Claro


Elaborated with 30% aguardientes (Cuban molasses eaux-de-vie) and light rum aged for a minimum of 3 years, Ámbar Claro presents aromas of chamomile and vanilla, as well as hints of roasted nuts and caramel cream.


Rich & full-bodied

Ámbar Claro is ideal for making cocktails.


Fruity, green apple and pear, chamomile, vanilla, and roasted nuts


Poached pear and roasted spices


Caramel cream, green apple, vanilla, and pepper

How to drink

Eminente Reserva sept ans seul sur glace soloEminente Reserva sept ans seul sur glace solo


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Paysage de CubaPaysage de Cuba

The bottle is produced in Mexico, the closest country to Cuba that produces glass, therefore reducing transportation. Labels are made using cotton by-products from the textile industry and the bottle stopper is made of sustainable cork and wood coming from FSC forests. Once the rum is sipped, the repurposing of the carafe will transform it into a beautiful decorative object: a candle holder, a vase or a jug of water…


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Eminente Reserva is a Cuban rum made with 70% aguardiente (Cuban molasses eaux-de-vie) and light rum aged for at least 7 years. This rum pays homage to the tradition of 19th-century Cuban rum. Eminente Reserva can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

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