Eminente Cuban rum historyEminente Cuban rum history

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A legacy

A renewed complexity

Eminente sets new standards with Eminente Reserva made with 70% of aged aguardientes, the highest proportion among all Cuban Rums. Drawing inspiration from 19th-century Cuban rum, César Martí brought a renewed complexity to this Central Cuban rum by mastering the art of ageing and blending aguardientes (Cuban molasses eaux-de-vie).

César Martí

Eminente cuban rum césar martí aguardienteEminente cuban rum césar martí aguardienteEminente cuban rum césar martíEminente cuban rum césar martí

I wanted to convey culture, tradition and magnify the art of Cuban rum through Eminente

César Martí
Eminente Reserva seven years old cuban rum césar martíEminente Reserva seven years old cuban rum césar martí

The youngest cuban Maestro Ronero

Growing up in sugarcane fields that stretched “as far as the eye could see”, he learnt his craft from his grandparents and maternal family who, having worked in the sugar industry, passed on to him generations of know-how. César Martí dedicated his career to the pursuit of the utmost quality in Cuban rum. Not only did Martí become Cuba’s youngest Maestro Ronero, but he achieved this status in just nine years, an unmatched feat to this day. He was also recently awarded the title of Primer Maestro by his peers, the highest distinction for a Cuban Maestro Ronero.

Isla del Cocodrilo


A new Central Cuban rum

Occidente or Western-style rums made near Havana: it is famous for being intense, dry, punchy - and perfect for cocktails. On the opposite side of the island, Oriente or Eastern style rum is smooth, fruity and ideal for sipping. Eminente, from the Central province of Villa Clara, combines the best of both regions, in a perfect balancing act: refreshing and robust, smooth yet complex, ideal for both mixing and sipping. Surprisingly unknown outside of the island, this style of rum is one of Cuba’s best-kept secrets.

A tribute to wild Cuba

This island is home to over 3,000 indigenous species including the Cuban crocodile, which hides in the Zapata Swamp, Cuba’s largest wetland in the southern Matanzas Province. Revered by locals, the wild animal embodies the country’s uncharted essence. Eminente is intrinsically linked to Cuba’s untainted nature, down to its bottle and logo. Its sensorial, textured glass and crocodile-shaped island on the label are reminiscent of the native animal.

Eminente cuban rum history cocodriloEminente cuban rum history cocodrilo


Eminente cuban rum history exploreEminente cuban rum history explore

Discover wild Cuba

Did you know ? Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and here protection of natural heritage is one of the country’s top priorities. The island has some of the most well-preserved coral reefs in the world. And there are 250 protected natural areas, including 5 national parks that have been designated as biosphere reserves by UNESCO, with 2 being classified as World Heritage sites. All of this protected land equates to more than 22% of the country.

Ron de cuba

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